Syngonium Aurea Foliage Dreams
Syngonium Aurea
Syngonium Aurea
Syngonium Aurea
Syngonium Aurea
Syngonium Aurea
Syngonium Aurea

Syngonium Aurea

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Für Fortgeschrittene
Die Syngonium benötigt etwas Zuwendung, damit sie glücklich sein kann.
Die Syngonium benötigt eine helle Umgebung, jedoch sollte direktes Sonnenlicht unbedingt vermieden werden.
ca. alle 7 - 10 Tage
Prüfe stets mittels Fingerprobe die ersten 2-3 cm der Erdoberfläche, um Übergießen zu vermeiden.
Nicht Haustierfreundlich
Bitte halte die Syngonium fern von Haustieren. Sie kann giftig sein.
Halte die Raumtemperatur bei 18-29°C und die Luftfeuchtigkeit über 40%.

The Syngonium aurea is characterized by its particularly beautiful, yellow-green variegated leaves, which make it a very special rarity. It has arrow-shaped leaves and is native to the tropical regions of Central America.
This syngonium grows particularly quickly. Due to their climbing properties, we therefore recommend either placing them as a hanging plant in a basket or equipping them with a climbing aid. Special moss sticks or coconut sticks as well as bamboo sticks are suitable as a climbing aid.

All parts of the plant are poisonous, can cause skin irritation and are not suitable for consumption! Keep away from children and pets.

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